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Tafgor (Rallis India Ltd)

Tafgor is 30% EC formulation of Dimethoate. It is highly effective in...

RS 50
Syngenta Cauliflower Tetris (10 gm)

Strong vigorous plant with blue green foliage. Curd is well covered by...

RS 400

Admire contains Imidacloprid, one of the world's best selling...

RS 20
Cropmax (dupont)

Product Description Marketed by M/s. DuPont India Pvt.Ltd Organic...

RS 400
Syngenta Sweet Corn Sugar 75 (1 kg seeds)

  Plant Very good plant vigour and height. Recommended for winter...

RS 2,200
Lesenta® (Bayer)

Lesenta is a good tool for the management of chronic problems of white...

RS 1,080
East West Marigold Maxima Orange F1

Plant : Medium bushy plant, 2 - 2.5 ft height, dense canopy with high...

RS 1,100
Syngenta Hot Pepper Agnirekha (10 gm)

Plant Plants are vigorous, 60-100 cm high, with strong lateral...

RS 440 RS 352
Ethrel® (Bayer)

Ethrel is a versatile plant growth regulator which improves colouration...

RS 210
Taqat (Rallis Inida Ltd)

Taqat is Contact+Sytemic fungicide in Wettable Powder (WP) formulation...

RS 1,250
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